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Our new in pieces are perfect to keep your wardrobe refreshed.

  • Amberley Floral Dress

    Amberley Floral Dress


  • Marbella Lace Skirt

    Marbella Lace Skirt


  • Anna Jersey Dress

    Anna Jersey Dress


  • Bronya Lace Hem Knit Top

    Bronya Lace Hem Knit Top


  • Roccobella Dress

    Roccobella Dress


  • Toola May Sleeved Dress

    Toola May Sleeved Dress


  • Eleanor Trim Dress

    Eleanor Trim Dress


  • Lauren Bow Dress

    Lauren Bow Dress


  • Selbessa Tulle Skirt

    Selbessa Tulle Skirt


  • Tapdance Shoes

    Tapdance Shoes


  • Ruvern Sequin Top

    Ruvern Sequin Top


  • Semba Sparkle Dress

    Semba Sparkle Dress


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Coast is one of the top UK destinations to buy luxury, glamorous clothing designed for your every special occasion, offering a large collection of stunningly designed pieces ideal for creating ensembles that have an effortless elegance. From sophisticated maxi dresses, simply stylish tops and cover ups to on trend jumpsuits, trousers and accessories, Coast will have an outfit for every occasion.