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Anti-counterfeit Programme

Coast has a zero tolerance approach to counterfeiting. We love our brand and we want to protect our loyal customers against the influx of cheap imitations to the market.

Should you encounter any suspicious activity in relation to our brand please e-mail and we will take action immediately.

Most importantly, we must ask you not to purchase from these websites; the items are not authorised by us and are often counterfeit products (poor quality, damaged and usually copies of our unique in-house designs). In addition, most of these sites will take your money and often will not deliver your order.

To help, we have listed our authorised sellers for you. Any websites selling Coast that are not on this list are not authorised sellers of the Coast brand or its products.

Coast authorised sellers:

We invest heavily in brand protection strategies and the measures we undertake include the following:

Shutdown of Counterfeit Selling Sites

We have to date identified over 45 websites selling counterfeit goods and action is being taken against all of these sites. As soon as sites are closed down and the domain names transferred to us the domains are redirected to our zero tolerance holding page.

Action against eBay Sellers

Since the programme's inception over half a million pounds worth of counterfeit product has been delisted from eBay by our in-house security team.

Any eBay users selling bulk items are then pursued through the courts and numerous individuals to date have had their eBay accounts suspended and have had to pay compensation.


We have a comprehensive border control programme in place aimed at seizing goods as they leave their origin countries or enter their destination countries. Importers are then either pursued through the civil or criminal courts.


Targeting trade sellers on sites including Dhgate, Tradekey, Tradetang, EC21 and Alibaba is also central to our strategy. Counterfeit product is delisted and persistent offenders are pursued through either the criminal or civil courts.


We have a large number of legal actions ongoing across the globe against retail operations selling counterfeit product and the sale of counterfeit items is not tolerated. As soon as we are alerted to sales we take appropriate action.


Getting to the source of the problem is of course the key in any anti-counterfeit programme and we have global operations ongoing to combat the source of this criminal activity and close down rogue factories.


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