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  • Issue 003 of the Coast Bridal Magazine is upon us!

    Despite a gruelling British Summer dampening our spirits, we have lovingly compiled a fabulous selection of wedding wonders that are simply essential for your little white book!

    There's no excuse not to get in the bridal swing of things with our hair and make-up looks, tailor made to suit your unique wedding style. Immerse yourself in our spotlight feature on Coast HQ newlywed, Amy who documents her wedding journey from the proposal to the big day and be empowered to get exactly what you want from your special day. We will also be treating you to a showcase of our newest bridesmaid styles to inspire your ideal wedding day look!

    Full of romantic promise and sensational style; let us sweep you away with our mid-Summer issue... Is that 'I do' we hear you whisper?

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  • ALISON TAYLOR, our fabulous in-house make up artist here at Coast HQ helps you create this season's most covetable bridal looks with her step-by-step guide. From a 70's inspired bohemian do to a sleek, chic city style, find your match made in heaven and get bridal beautiful!

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  • Radiate the glamour of old Hollywood with this Grace Kelly inspired look...

    BASE: Add oil free primer to your skin to create a good base for the foundation. Then use a satin finish foundation and buff into the skin with a buffing brush for a flawless finish. Apply concealer where necessary apart from under the eyes; leave this area until after the eye make up is completed.

    EYES: Use an eye primer to prep your lids and to increase the longevity of the eye colour. Apply a soft warm bronze all over your lid and under the lower lashes ensuring you blend well into the socket line. Apply a soft warm wheat-toned matte shadow over the socket line and blend in thoroughly. Over the lashes, apply a fine line of chocolate kohl and blend in slightly with a smudging brush. With any extra pigment left on the brush, use it to line under your lower lashes. Finish the eyes by curling the lashes before applying a layer of black waterproof mascara and don't forget to define your brows with a cool toned brow pencil.

    CHEEKS: Contour under your cheekbones with a soft taupe cream blush, blending outwards as you go. Add a sheer warm peach onto the apples of your cheeks to brighten up the look and 'set' with a light dusting of powder over your face.

    LIPS: For luscious lips, line with a red liner and fill them in with a semi matte red lipstick.

    STEP 1: Tong your hair all over with medium sized barrel tong.

    STEP 2: Pin the curlers into place and allow to cool before releasing them.

    STEP 3: Brush out the curls into smooth retro waves.

    STEP 4: Rub a tiny amount of smoothing cream between your palms and smooth over the surface of your hair to create a sleek, sultry finish.

    STEP 5 (OPTIONAL): Top off this radiant look with a bejewelled hair grip clipped just behind the ear for maximum glamour.

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  • A modern look that embraces fresh faced beauty
    and femininity, perfect for subtle after-dark drama...

    BASE: Prep your skin with a smoothing primer and use a light sheer foundation to even out your skin tone. Apply a non glittery cream highlighter high on your cheekbones, curving up around the eyes and onto your brow bones for a dewy finish. Use a soft taupe cream blusher to contour under your cheekbones.

    EYES: Use a matte cream-toned eye shadow primer all over your eyelids and apply an ivory metallic shadow to the inner third of the eye lid and in the inner corner. Use a matte soft damson shade for the socket line and blend upwards and outwards to add definition to the eye without any harsh lines. Curl your lashes and add a layer of dark brown waterproof mascara.

    BROWS: Define the brows well with a cool-toned brow pencil to create a strong but feminine brow shape.

    LIPS: Use a bright pink cream-finish lip gloss for a modern finish to the look

    STEP 1: Prepare your damp hair with a little mousse before drying and section the hair into a low side parting. Place a hair roller on top of your hair at the ends, and roll up towards the neck.

    STEP 2: When the hair roller is in line with your neck, try to slightly angle the wrapped hair so the end of the roller closest to the ear is lower than the end closest to the back of your head (you don't have to keep this too neat), then secure the roller into place using hair grips.

    STEP 3: Use small hair pins to pin the sections of hair into place ensuring you keep the slightly messy texture and spray into place with hairspray.

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  • For an ethereal and romantic style with beguiling medieval elements, follow this easy step by step guide for an enchanting bridal look...

    BASE: After moisturising, blend a little primer into your skin. Next, mix a small amount of non glittery highlighter into a satin finish base and blend well into your skin. Apply concealer sparingly where it's needed making sure you leave the under eye area until after you have completed your eye make up.

    EYES: Apply an eye primer over your entire eye from the lid to the brow and over the primer. Use a slightly shimmery lilac-grey eye shadow over your eye lid and blend upwards into the socket line. Line over your top lashes with a dark purple liner and add a touch of light ivory shimmery shadow onto the inner corners of the eyes, under the brows and on your cupids bow. Finish your eyes by curling the lashes and adding on lots of black waterproof mascara.

    CHEEKS: For the cheeks, apply a pop of pretty pink cream blusher on the apple for a natural fresh flush.

    LIPS: Line your lips with a natural pink lip liner and fill in with a pretty pink sheer lipstick.

    FINISHING TOUCHES: Now you can conceal under the eyes and powder lightly to complete the look!

    STEP 1: Centre part your hair.

    STEP 2: Spray curl setting spray all over.

    STEP 3: Tong your hair all over with spiral barrel tongs.

    STEP 4: Once your curls are cool, release and softly brush out with a bristle brush to create soft fluffy waves.

    STEP 5 (OPTIONAL): Add the finishing touch to this Bohemian look with a jewelled headpiece. We constructed a hairpiece from interlinking two bracelets, but a range of styles can be found in abundance on the high street to easily replicate this look!

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  • A contemporary look inspired by the season's chicest of catwalks; this is a strong look for any refined city wedding...

    BASE: Prep your skin with an oil free primer. Buff a satin finish foundation into your skin with a buffing brush for a flawless finish. Apply concealer where needed apart from the under the eye area. Contour under your cheekbones with a cool-toned taupe cream blush and blend in well.

    EYES: After applying eye-primer, line over and under your lashes with a dark brown kohl pencil, smudge this slightly with a small smudge brush to soften the look. Over the kohl, apply dark antique-gold eye shadow and blend well into your eye socket and under the lower lashes. Add a matte, light brown shadow just above, and in, the socket line, blend in well and bring under the lower lashes to add a soft finish to your eyes. Line the lower eyelashes with a dark chocolate kohl and apply a small dab of shimmery champagne-toned eye shadow to the inner corners of the eye to add a pretty pop of colour. Curl your lashes and apply black waterproof mascara to the top and bottom of your lashes.

    BROWS: Define and lightly fill in your brows with a cool toned eyebrow pencil.

    LIPS: Line your lips with a pale nude lip liner and fill in with a matte nude lipstick.

    FINISHING TOUCHES: Lightly powder under your eyes using a brightening powder.

    STEP 1: Apply a small amount of smoothing style cream through your dry hair.

    STEP 2: Brush your hair up and into a high ponytail making sure the hair is completely smooth. Tie your hair in to a ponytail with a band to secure it.

    STEP 3: Add a hair doughnut over the top of your ponytail and pull it completely through, securing the doughnut in place with hair grips.

    STEP 4: Split your ponytail into two sections and wrap each section separately around the doughnut to ensure the hair covers it. Secure your hair into place using small hair pins and spray into place with a firm-hold hairspray.

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    • A modern alternative to using lip-gloss is to use a sheer finish lipstick, which will have great colour but will not be too greasy looking in photos.
    • Don't be tempted to overload your face with powder just to make your make up last longer. Using too much is unflattering, aging and can make you look 'caked' in make up. Instead, prep the skin gently using a primer suitable for your skin type before putting on your foundation.
    • Don't be tempted to overload your face with powder just to make your make up last longer. Using too much is unflattering, aging and can make you look 'caked' in make up. Instead, prep the skin gently using a primer suitable for your skin type before putting on your foundation.
    • Weddings can be emotional occasions, from the heartfelt vows to the first dance, ALWAYS wear waterproof mascara!
    • Ask one of your bridesmaids to carry a spare lipstick and emergency blotting papers for you to do little touch ups throughout the day.
    • If you are going to have a fake tan for your wedding day, ensure you have it done at least 48 hours before the ceremony so it doesn't rub off onto the dress!
    • Always, always, always have a trial with your make up artist and hair stylist before the big day; it's a great opportunity to try out different looks and see what you like in a relaxed environment.
    • Take photos of your hair and make up when you have your trial to see how you'd look from all angles on your big day. The camera's flash can give you an idea of how your look would take to different lighting during the evening, as well as by day light.
    • If you are having an up-do, if possible try not to have freshly washed hair, day old hair is easier to put up and will increase the durability of the style.
    • Always choose hair and make up to suit you and your features. Don't feel like you should have a typically 'bridal' style; instead aim to look like a refreshed version of yourself and you will emanate radiance.

    Hair and Make Up featured throughout by Alison Taylor www.alisontaylormakeup.com

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  • Our stunning new season collection has arrived! Crafted with an air of grace, our newest bridesmaids designs will see you down the aisle in effortless style...

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  • Name: Amy

    Assistant Buyer - Accessories, Jewellery and Footwear

    Amy started planning her wedding one year before her marriage - and from that moment on, she entered the world of weddings...

    I created a scrapbook...

    And a vision of the big day began to emerge. Quite soon, I settled on a colour scheme of black and white. From there, I started to search the area of Buckinghamshire for a venue (as this is where my partner and I met at University). We found a beautiful hotel called The Olde Bell - It was an intimate and quirky place with a warm, sociable ambience and the most beautiful little church in Marlow happened to be just around the corner...

    My hunt for bridesmaid dresses was a walk in the park...

    Working for Coast, I was able to custom
    order my bridesmaid dresses and had
    them specially dyed to match my
    wedding colours. I chose a 50's-style
    bandeau A-line dress with a white
    belt; they looked amazing! My
    bridesmaids then accessorised with
    stunning Coast jewellery and pretty
    heart-shaped bags on the day.

    I began to lose hope that I would ever find my perfect dress...

    I spent weekend after weekend trawling through bridal shops and there were lots of tears. Then one weekend, I took a trip to the luxury bridal design house of Jenny Packham, I tried on every dress in the shop until I found the one!

    A sparkling pair of gold peep-toe Miu Miu's caught my eye...

    And I was sold! I made corsages inspired by
    my favourite flowers which worked really well
    with my dress. I borrowed real diamond
    earrings and wore a stunning gold pearl and crystal bracelet from Coast, which completed
    my outfit perfectly!

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  • Normally I don't wear lots of make up...

    So it was important for me to find someone that would do my make up so I still looked like myself. For the hair, I chose a low slung bun with a side French plait for the big day.

    Ever since I was a little girl...

    I can remember being obsessed with the hydrangea bush at the bottom of my Nan's garden, and since she passed away I thought having these flowers would be a nice way to include her in the celebrations. For transport, we chose a stunning old English white Morris Minor with a red interior and fold down roof - it was loved by everyone and was one of our best decisions!

    I collected various vintage jars...

    And stuffed them full of black and white bon bons, marshmallows, and swirl lollypops to create a sweetie bar that looked, and tasted, great! A family member made us a three tiered white cake sprinkled with iced white polka-dots, and black and white ribbon rosettes for extra decoration. Not only did it look stunning, but it was delicious too!

    As I was walking down the aisle...

    I made eye contact with a couple of my guests and could feel my eyes begin to well up... 'Focus on the alter, focus on the alter' I kept telling myself, I really didn't want to cry this early on!

    We forgot to do the confetti...

    But during our first dance to 'God Only Knows' by the Beach Boys, we were showered with confetti and bubbles... it was absolutely magical! We left the next day for Mauritius. The honeymoon was our time to relax, and enjoy our time as newlyweds...

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