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  1. Zuri Necklace Zuri Necklace

    Zuri Necklace

    Perfect for adding statement sparkle, the Zuri Necklace features dazzling faux crystals on a rose gold toned chain. A chic finishing touch to any look. Circumference: 45. 5cm. Extension chain: 8cm.
  2. Cora Pearl Necklace Cora Pearl Necklace
    The Cora Pearl Necklace is the perfect subtle statement piece. Big enough to elevate any outfit, but not big enough to look overwhelming, it features a mix of faux pearls and gems for chic, elegant style. Circumference: 46cm. Extension chain: 7. 5cm.
  3. Farah Statement Necklace Farah Statement Necklace
    Take your outfit to the next level with the Farah Statement Necklace. Featuring rows of faux crystals, it adds a glamorous touch to any look. Circumference: 42cm. Extension chain: 8cm.
  4. Kiona Necklace Kiona Necklace

    Kiona Necklace

    Finish your look with the Kiona Necklace. With rows of faux crystals to catch the light, it's the perfect way to add some sparkle. Circumference: 43. 5cm. Extension chain: 8cm.
  5. Leah Necklace Leah Necklace

    Leah Necklace

    Add some sparkle to your look with the Leah Necklace. With rows of glittering gems, it perfectly complements any outfit. Circumference: 46cm. Extension chain: 8. 5cm.
  6. Willow Sparkle Necklace Willow Sparkle Necklace
    The Willow Sparkle Necklace is the perfect finishing touch to any outfit. Featuring embellished loops on a chain necklace, it's a more subtle take on the statement necklace. Circumference: 82. 5cm. extension chain: 8cm.
  7. Dalia Necklace Dalia Necklace

    Dalia Necklace

    Add a dazzling finishing touch to your look with the Dalia Necklace. With faux crystals cleverly cut to catch the light for the perfect amount of sparkle. Circumference: 46. 5cm. Extension chain: 9cm.
  8. Aliah Necklace Aliah Necklace

    Aliah Necklace

    Complement any outfit with the Aliah Necklace. Featuring a rope chain with faux gems and rose gold and silver toned beads for a stylish finishing touch. Circumference: 38cm. Extension chain: 7. 5cm.
  9. Lulu Pearl Necklace Lulu Pearl Necklace
    The classic pearl necklace gets a modern makeover in the Lulu Pearl Necklace. This tiered necklace features a mix of pearls and faux gems for a chic finishing touch to any outfit. Circumference: 65cm. Extension chain: 8. 5cm.
  10. Ava Sparkle Necklace Ava Sparkle Necklace
    Add a touch of sparkle with the Ava Sparkle Necklace. Featuring faux crystals on a silver-toned chain, this gorgeous necklace is sure to complement any outfit. Circumference: 44. 5cm. Extension chain: 8cm.
  11. Rhea Tassel Necklace Rhea Tassel Necklace
    Add a touch of sparkle to your look with the Rhea Tassel Necklace. Featuring rose gold tones and rows of glittering gems to catch the light. Circumference: 62cm. Extension chain: 9cm.
  12. Ayla Statement Necklace Ayla Statement Necklace
    For a glamorous finishing touch, look to the Ayla Statement Necklace. Featuring faux crystals cut to catch the light, it's perfect for adding sparkle to any outfit. Circumference: 42. 5cm. Extension chain: 8. 5cm.