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Bridesmaid Guide Bridesmaid Guide

The Bridesmaid Dresses Guide

Second only to the bride, the day’s leading ladies will dazzle as they walk down the aisle in a dress from our new collection. Here’s our definitive guide to finding ‘The One’. Confetti at the ready!


The Venue

Let your chosen venue guide your bridesmaid-dress choice. For a church wedding, long bridesmaid dresses like our Odetta Lace Maxi Dress are beautiful yet appropriate, while our Savannah Soft Midi Dress is a stylish option for a glamorous ballroom wedding. Midi bridesmaid dresses are versatile enough to work for any venue.

The Theme

Your chosen colour scheme should inform the hue of your bridesmaids’ dresses. Opt for an exact match or choose a complementary tone for a contemporary feel. Raspberry red bridesmaid dresses like our Anna Ruched Dress work well with berry-toned hues, while bridesmaid dresses in forest and sage colourways look fresh and modern at a green-themed wedding. Look to your chosen colour scheme to find a colour for your bridesmaids. This could be an exact match to something in your palette or something more complementary. For example, red bridesmaid dresses in a deep merlot tone such as our Charley Maxi Dress would work well with a berry toned colour scheme or, if your palette includes green, bridesmaid dresses in our forest and sage colourways would look fresh and modern.

Mix or Match?

To mix or to match, that is the question. Opting for complementary, but not matching, dresses gives your bridesmaids the freedom to choose a dress that suits their shape and personal style. As a general rule, picking dresses in the same base colour will keep the look unified – the shape, cut and length is down to you and your ladies!