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Long, short or somewhere in between? If you’re trying to make up your mind about what length to have your bridesmaid dresses, let us help.



For a low-key city wedding or relaxed destination wedding, shorter bridesmaid dresses like our Ava Short Dress are just the thing. Pretty and feminine, the casual length works brilliantly for more laidback weddings than long bridesmaid dresses, which can sometimes feel too formal. Plus, dresses with short skirts can be easily worn again to another occasion or event, and are a great way to show off statement shoes!


In between maxi and mini lies the midi (sometimes referred to as “tea length”). While there’s no definitive set point where a midi dress ends, usually they tend to stop mid-way on the calf for a feminine silhouette. Very versatile, midi bridesmaid dresses like our Cleo Midi Lace Dress would work for a variety of venues from church ceremonies to more casual city weddings. Or, if you like the midi length but would prefer a two-piece, our Iridessa Midi Skirt in silver is a great modern alternative to grey bridesmaid dresses.


Planning an elegant and sophisticated wedding? Then you might want to consider maxi bridesmaid dresses. Our classic Lori Lee blush bridesmaid dresses feature a lace bodice and floor-length skirt, making it ideal for a traditional church wedding. Alternatively, for a more modern take on the maxi dress, you can mix and match bridesmaids separates, like the Fleur Sparkle Lace Top with the Alice Structured Skirt, for a unique look that also would work for a glamorous wedding at a stately home.