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Limited Edition Collection

In collaboration with the National Portrait Gallery

The Making Of

Behind each piece in the collection is a portrait that inspired it. Discover the story of each one here…

Gertrude Elizabeth (née Blood), Lady Colin Campbell by Giovanni Boldinioil, 1894

The portrait of Gertrude Elizabeth, Lady Colin Campbell (1894) inspired two standout pieces: the Lucy Faux Fur Jacket and Gertrude Printed Dress. The dramatic brushstrokes of her painted gown have been turned into a stunning print that’s seen on the dress and lining of the coat.

Two pieces in the collection have been inspired by the portrait of Robert Devereux, 2nd Earl of Essex (c.1597): the Cali Printed Dress with its trompe l’oeil print and the Alexandra Lattice Top, which echoes the draping and sash detailing seen in the painting.

With its strong teal and rust tones, the portrait of Katherine Parr (c. 1545) has been the inspiration for the collection’s colour palette. Additionally, her structured gown has influenced our Lyel Embroidered Mesh Dress.

Anne, Countess of Pembroke (c. 1618) wears a gown with gold and silver strapwork embroidery. This embellishment has influenced two pieces: the Francis Blouse and the Josephine Blazer, where it elevates a classic longline blazer silhouette.

Iconic Tudor, 17th, 18th and 19th century paintings have been reimagined into a contemporary, wearable collection that combines historical dress elements with current designs.

Artistic brushstrokes and painterly details have been transformed into prints by our in-house design team for an abstract interpretation that retains a modern attitude.