Oh So Tricky? Oh So Pretty

Do's & Don'ts of Statement Necklace Wearing

Our gorgeous accessories buyer Rachel is at hand to dish out her top tips for when it comes to pulling off the statement necklace. A key trend for AW13, the statement necklace is a saviour when it comes to adding edge and intrigue to you outfit. With an exquisite collection of jewels this season, let Rachel show you how to rock our loudest jewels...

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  1. Keep the rest of your look sleek and simple. Let the necklace do the talking.
  2. Statement necklaces look great dressing up a LBD but can also look really modern over a print; especially when the necklace is in a complimentary colour.
  3. Statement necklaces don't just look fab over dresses. Button up your blouse or shirt all the way to the top and wear your necklace under the collar and peeking out at the front.
  4. Double up for extra WOW factor – experiment with wearing two contrasting style necklaces. A chain mixed with crystals can look really eye catching.
  5. Mix colours – don't be scared to try and mix contrasting block colours. Sometimes these give the best effect!


  1. Minimise distraction! Avoid piling on the bling elsewhere. If you really want to wear earrings or bracelets keep them really simple and complimentary.
  2. Necklaces can be really flattering over the décolletage but be careful with the length. Avoid wearing statement styles over a big bust and instead opt for shorter styles.
  3. If you're nervous about colour, opt for metallic plating. Gold and silver metal plating and chains are guaranteed to match every piece in your wardrobe and are really versatile.
  4. Beware of necklines! Avoid wearing statement necklaces with anything that already has a detailed neckline, as it will clash. Try different necklines with a variety of necklace profiles for the best look.
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