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Olivia Palermo's
NYFW Style Diary

Fashion month always starts with New York; editors and influencers from across the industry descend on Manhattan with a wardrobe we’d all be envious of. But no one quite matches up to native New Yorker Olivia Palermo, who knows exactly how it’s done – effortlessly working her sartorial style into a look that can even brave the blizzard. We teamed up with street style photographer Tim Regas (@wheresmydriver) who took to the wintery streets of New York to capture every outfit...


Day 1

Even the city’s ten inches of snowfall didn’t stop Olivia styling an iconic look. Wrapped up in faux fur, she embraced the stormy weather with an oversized hood and monochrome abstract print.

Day 2

The perfect inspiration for British spring styling, Olivia brightened up her statement outerwear look with crisp ivory. Blended textures against a striking monochrome canvas were key to her timeless yet statement look.

Day 3

With the skies brightening, Olivia Palermo took to mastering the art of layering. Oversized fur trims, lace up details and a high-low silhouette skirt in unexpected jersey brought together an eclectic yet effortless outfit for crossing the city.

Day 4

Olivia Palermo ended her Fashion Week tour in a high-octane look we’ll remember all year. Turning to her refined retro styling, her statement outfit built up silky prints, oversized florals and flourishes of ever-chic accessories. Who ever said cold weather styling had to be grey?